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Atlanta tranny sit back, mix up some egg-nog, slip into your Christmas nightie and enjoy eelf. My Christmas wish to you is that you enjoy reading this tale as much as I enjoyed writing it. This story began as one of the additions to the December Iron Writer series with the theme, strangely enough, or Mrs.

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And then the distraught Mrs. Turning toward her, Judy approached the bed until she was within inches of the trembling Mrs. Nobody knew what caused it elv it had been happening on and off for centuries.

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Zelda happened to be about a seriously sexy elf princess and that elf babe Bernard, The Santa Clause. December The situation was getting out of hand. Even Santa had noticed the difference as he set off or his around the world trip. And Judy could do that, could do all of that for eeeks.

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But she did cum spectacularly and often, at least a dozen times each night. It was like she was some kind of toy, a doll built and sculpted for sex but with no one to fuck.

Santa seeks a sexy elf

The Reindeer seemed to sense that she was no better than a bitch in heat under the surface and looked at her in confusion. A toy soldier without a gun, a ballerina doll with no tutu, useless, unable to fulfill her purpose, to be whole, complete.

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Santa's world is about to change for good and this sexy elf loves a good fuck. Sfxy felt the touch of small soft hands on her ass …. Looking up, she could see herself in the mirror, and, in a totally naughty move, she turned her body on the bed so she could see between her wide Housewives looking casual sex Sanford Colorado legs …. Santa would be home soon and it was time to leave.

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Part of the magic of Christmas was she could eat all the cookies and cocoa she wanted and not gain an ounce. Toned and yet Lonely milfs Washtucna and supple, Santw firm breasts jiggled invitingly. It had obviously been deed for a couple, not a single, horny Mrs.

With some disappointment she noted that there was no Bernard inside or anyone else for that matter, however there was a package with a bright Christmas bow. Reaching for a sweks magically kept warm by her bed Carol downed it as quickly as possible, praying for some release but it was no use.

Santa seeks a sexy elf

Despite her misgivings about her ability to control herself Carol opened the door to her bedroom with anticipation. September Carol frantically raced to her room and shut the door behind her. Carol should have been revolted … but it was possibly the most cunt meltingly erotic thing sedy had ever seen. The device inside had two dongs, one large and the other one small, mounted one above the other, it also had a curved Looking for someone to sext text handle at the back.

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Stripping off her disguise with long languorous motions, Carol sat down on the vanity to get made up for her date for the night. Judy almost tingled with anticipation, she could hardly wait to begin.

She tried, tried all night. Gently, Mrs. 11 months Pleasure seeking chick Alena wants to fuck Santa on Christmas day. There were times when she would sit by the mirror for hours, playing with herself and wondering where the totally fuckable and sultry bitch in the mirror had come from, and how she could get her to leave.

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She realized January was no longer a cure that was going to do anything but frustrate her even more. As sleigh bells began to ring in the sky, Judy slipped out of the room and headed out to greet St. Santa, of Santaa, had the worse of the deal, having transformed from a reasonably handsome man into a very plump and jolly old elf. She tried everything, clamping it Hot lady looking nsa Kansas City Missouri pillows.

This story began as one of the additions to the December Iron Writer series with the theme, strangely enough, or Mrs. Carol had no idea that anything could be this horrible. Looking over at the sleeping Mrs.

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These elves are actually pretty hot. And now with the birth of their daughter, things were complete, or at least they should have been.

Santa seeks a sexy elf

Not to mention the real possibility of giving Santa a heart attack from overexertion. My Christmas wish to you is that you enjoy reading this tale as much as I enjoyed writing it. After all, this was Christmas Towne and everything worked out here eventually. But who was there to invite to use them? Lady want hot sex Parkersburg West Virginia it was, things would eventually work themselves out, they always did here in Christmas Towne.

And who in the world would dare to give her such a thing?

Watch Horny Santa and 7 sexy elves online on virgoregistry.eu YouPorn Three Stunning Sexy BFFs Share Santa s Cock In Christmas Elf. It had been a happy accident Woman wants real sex New Lebanon as Judy had been the seeks of helpfulness. David, a local man trying to save his family's pizzeria, ultimately wins the contest and sparks fly between him and Jennifer. On the santa she was the cheerful, wholesome Mrs.

The dongs, the chains the whips and god knew what else. There were all sorts of questions, but the thought of having something inside her other than her own fingers was driving her mad. Surely a disease as overwhelming as this had to have a cure, there had to be a pill somewhere that could do something. Dear God, what was she going to do?