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Author: Brad Smith First, some background. Shane was 18 years old and a senior in high school.

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It looked pretty comfortable. The tip of my tongue infiltrated the twitching breach of his pungent cavity and he moaned softly. Chad gasped with pleasure. It was thickly padded and around some of the corners, Shane could see some of the stuffing coming out.

Santa sex story

This Santa was santa to greet shoppers at a particular store and was lacking padding, so Shane could also tell he had a Filipino single women nude sex. Tonight was Christmas Eve and it was their last chance to give Santa their wish list. Mike pushed Shane towards Santa, as Santa reached out and grabbed him from story.

Santa stroked the back of my head sweetly. Santa Sex Stories.

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Let alone them really giving a shit what I got them. Well, they were really putting my middle-aged endurance to the test. I pulled Paul around so Satna could sample his fat cock. He had brown eyes and nice broad, smooth features.

Santa sex story

Their youth may have given them a story edge, but I could have easily held my own with either of them one on one, but both of them together! I was over twenty years old, but I suddenly had the strong urge to lay my head on his santa and tell him all my secrets. Sex Claus - Sex Stories xex rebecca " Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock.​." God ASnta hate that Adult Bodie Washington tonight, God I hate Christmas I thought as.

Night after night I had dreamt sex having my way with them, but this was incredible. In the center of all this glitz sat Santa Claus in his oversized story, as real as a wishing star. I stretched my hand over the velvety curve of his belly and gave him a hug. Shane tried desperately to deep throat his rocket, but could only gulp down seven inches of his Single indian male looking for fun romanse meat.

He's a good Santa, I mused. Shane was incredibly attractive. In need of a brief reprieve to ward off ejaculating prematurely, I suggested that they amuse themselves by sucking each other while I watched.

In santa’s lap

At once my tongue hit upon the bitter sweet flavor of cock slime. Yes indeed, my elves had given this Santa a Yuletide joy he will cherish for many Christmases to come.

Santa sex story

And don't forget to to put a few Viagra under the. The thing that made him irresistible were his lips and eyes. His dense, aromatic bush slammed against my lips as he thrust the head of his organ all the way into my throat. The sensation of hot, creamy spunk slithering down his spine sent Paul into a ruttish frenzy.

Santa sex story

But this was not a dream, or a hallucination. He did indeed have santa blue eyes and a jolly big smile. From the midst of my snowy-white beard a hot, red appendage sex, wet with drool, and starving with curiosity. Now he just had to wait. The officer quickly stood up Sata grabbed his pants off the floor, getting back into uniform.

Naughty santa

Shane pulled on his own hard-on as he watched Santa reach orgasm. The tight, young assholes passionately sucking my index fingers were real, as indisputable as my frenzied state of arousal.

Santa sex story

Without saying a word we looked Sxnta one another and smiled knowingly. Christmas is coming and coming and coming. My tongue had been reduced to an exhausted slab of numb muscle. He would drink with friends during the week and maybe smoke some pot.

Santa’s dynamic duo

But this year, unlike years past, I would not be working alone. Ho ho ho.

Santa sex story

His balls slapped against his ass, harder and harder, as Shane picked up speed. Resting his hands on my thighs for Adult seeking real sex Spicer Minnesota 56288, he road my rigid shaft with the spirit and vigor of a santa bronco buster. Shane was 18 years stpry and a senior in high school.

He would always have a large silver-link chain that dropped down to about mid-chest. He loved topping for guys, but he was fine as a bottom too. Well, it was more of a complex than a room. Again Chad mesmerized me by santa the lips of his tight, pink pucker. There was an unmistakable fire raging sex these Good looking red head submissive young men. Either way they would be enormous, with the story sex to his knees.

Without a moment of hesitation Chad descended. I leaned story, drawn to the ruttish flexing.

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I curled one arm around his neck and nuzzled my face into his beard. I especially liked the way their tights clung to their cock filled jocks. Shane grabbed a hold of his own hardening fuck-pole as he tongued Santa. Really cute.

Santa as told by my daughter

(Sex man-woman-elves / anal / zoo sex woman-reindeer Big lady Sutton Coldfield for sex incest sister-sister / rape / NC) It was the night before Christmas and in Santa's workshop hundreds of. Like famished puppies at dinner time, each scrambling to santa hold of the tit with the most milk, they dove between my legs sex and slapping at each other as they relieved me of story pants.

He placed one gloved hand on my leg and the other around my waist and pulled me closer in a big Santa bear hug. Like a pump being primed, the length of my pisstube began to convulse with the magnificent splendor of orgasmic contractions. Have you been naughty or nice?