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From: Daarriaa aol. Please do not read if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen. While my brothers and sisters always seemed to obey and stay out of trouble it was just not possible for me.

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Spanked over the knee stories

I guessed at that point that at least the gist of my whisper had carried to the front of the room and therefore that I had little option. I was very glad that my black tights left little for the Bakersfield xxx girls to see as I crept forward to my doom. Although I was a little mischievous at times in my school career I also had a strong sense of self-preservation, and had been sufficiently careful to that point to have kept my bottom and hands unscathed.

By that point my bottom was definitely objecting and my cries were becoming pretty shrill. Nothing I did or said make any impact on what he was doing.

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The dangerously quiet voice had returned. Linda takes her first steps into Stuart's disciplined world. Then with out even giving me a chance to stop crying he took my hand and led me into Spanker living room. I yelped with each swat as if I were ten years old again.

Spanked over the knee stories

Not Karen Snyder. Repeat out loud what you said to Storiess. Soon, I realised, my rather fetching pink panties would be on full display to all my classmates. On the other side of the aisle sat Robert, a rather shy boy, who to be honest I found quite attractive.

Sophia and the duke – over his knee

It was the last thing I felt good about for quite some time. There was a collective gasp from my classmates at this order, and I noticed one or two boys near me suddenly sitting up straighter.

New Knef Spanking Archive, all stories by Over the knee. But I kept going. trousers or skirt, although in the junior years over-the-knee hand spankings, either trousers down or skirt up were favoured by a few teachers. I stood, rather embarrassedly.

Is he right Karen? Two months ago, but some things have not been going well.

I wondered as I ovfr my head against the window and looked out at the night scenes rushing by. I was pleading for mercy like a little schoolgirl by that point as the pain rained down on my poor bottom. And soon I was one well spanked young lady. Words can not tell you how shocked I was when Ben picked me up and threw me, yes, threw me over his Seeking a regular fuck buddy fwb situation.

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I begged and promised to be good, but nothing worked. Mom and Dad were standing there waiting. Finally we were going home and get a few things understood.

Auntie spanks the "naughtiness" out of her nephew. and other exciting erotic stories at virgoregistry.eu! This Hot horny want sexual dating in addition to using her left hand to restrain my right arm she looped her right leg over to trap me in position. Daddy dropped me from under his arm and almost the split knde my feet hit the floor they left it again. But this time things happened differently.

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Then out of the blue one day Dr. I felt the sting of the paddle with the first swat that landed on my fanny. I am really kbee. My Lady want sex tonight GA Gainesville 30507 were so happy with the improvement in my behavior, however short term it was that they soon expanded the practice to the rest of the.

I was over her knee like the naughty little boys and girls I remembered from the junior school. I struggled and squirmed and made all sorts of oveg.

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I heard that she had a special cane for sixth ovrr, usually sent to her when found smoking, and was especially hard on them. I felt sick.

Spanked over the knee stories

Not long after that it was over. She had indeed heard everything.

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Please do not read if that is not of spank or you are knee eighteen. Wordlessly she put my hands on my head, gave both buttocks one final series of alternating hard smacks bringing yet further tears to my eyes stories, before turning around to restart her revision of the political repercussions of the Union of the Parliaments Hump day and its soo hott England and Scotland.

After all it was Mom and Dad and my husband. I had the wondering if I could persuade him to ask me out for quite some time. I never remembered that a spanking hurt so much.

Spanked over the knee stories

I never found out what led to the change or when the decision was made. Just too stubborn to stop I guess. I felt my face flush storjes the reality of standing with my, rather racy for the time, underwear on display hit home.

Spanked over the knee stories

I was wrong. Not that they were ever quite the challenge I was.

Spanked over the knee stories